Accumulates to get iPhone XS
Ready to accumulate to get the newest iPhone XS,
hurry up for this special privilege,
let’s accumulate.
Special promotion!!! The first VJ reaching
accumulation in each model will received 40%
discount of iPhoneXS

iPhone XS 64GB for 2,550 pcs
iPhone XS 256GB for 2,950 pcs
iPhone XS 512GB for 3,350 pcs
**Limited only 1 per model**
Next VJs ranking once reaching the specified
accumulation will be awarded
Event duration
4 October 2018 (18.00) – 4 January 2019 (22.00) GMT+7
Event details
- VJs with reaching the specified accumulation will be awarded
- 40% discount for 1st iphone, limited only 1 per model.
First VJ reaching required accumulation will be awarded.
Time mainly based on gift sending server.
- The next one, VJ can be accumulated according
to the number of pieces as usual.
** The reward will be delivered after the official sale in Malaysia **
- Able to accumulate to get more

Required cumulative gifts Terms

2,000 coupons
Accumulate gifts for 4,250 pcs
iPhone XS 64GB

2,000 coupons
Accumulate gifts for 4,900 pcs
iPhone XS 256GB

2,000 coupons
Accumulate gifts for 5,600 pcs
iPhone XS 512GB

- All rights reserved only for VJ signed
the contract under the conditions.
- Reward winner must inform IDX & First name – Last name
and address to deliver reward through
Fanpage only.
- We reserve the right to choose the color of the prize.
- The team will check and send rewards after being
officially sold in Malaysia, respectively.
- We reserve the right to change event details
without prior notice.
- The team's decision is considered final.
- Time mainly based on system.

Apple Inc. Apple has no involvement in any activities and rewards.
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