How to Top Up by E-Paypal
Mon-Fri 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Just adding WhatsApp : +66 64 507 1090 and transfer money to Paypal,
then sending your transfer slip,
email address and IDX to Admin for top up.

Paypal account :
Top up rate => minimum 15 USD or above
Numbers of coupons = 1 USD : 3,000 coupons

*The company reserves the right to adjust the top up rate
without prior notice.*

1. Open Paypal app on your device and tap “Send”

2. Enter recipient email as

3. Enter your desired amount for transferring
(be able to change currencies, minimum 15 USD or above)

4. Please tap "Add a note" and enter
the IDX you want to top up and make sure
that you select the type of payment as
“Friends and Family” ONLY

5. The successful transaction will be displayed

6. After finished transaction,
please capture your latest transaction screenshot
and send the transfer slip screenshot,
your email address including IDX to admin via E-Paypal WhatsApp.