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VJs who get Villa and players
who send Villa will get rewards as conditions
Event Duration
7 November 2018 (22.01) – 13 November 2018 (22.00) GMT+7
Event Details

Special discount up to 10,000 coupons during event duration.
VJs get coupons from gifts during event duration: 3,000 coupons.

Note: Must have total minimum accumulated amount of gifts
during event duration over 20 pieces if it doesn’t
meet the requirements will not receive any rewards.

VJ who gets maximum gifts respectively
and players who send maximum gifts will
get rewards as conditions.

1st place get cash MYR250.
(Bonus coupons 10% from amount of sending gifts in event)

2nd place get cash MYR185.
(Bonus coupons 4% from amount of sending gifts in event)

3rd place get cash MYR100.
(Bonus coupons 3% from amount of sending gifts in event)

4th place get cash MYR60.
(Bonus coupons 2% from amount of sending gifts in event)

5th place get cash MYR25.
(Bonus coupons 1% from amount of sending gifts in event)

Assumed total amount of sending gifts is 300 pieces,
VJ who get 1st place rewards will receive bonus 300,000 coupons.
(Calculated 10% from total amount of sending gifts)
+ 1st place reward MYR250.

Players who send maximum gifts to VJ
will get rewards and special rank “Lord Crown”

👑Lord Crown👑
1st place get 100,000 coupons
and special rank Lord Crown, duration 10 days.

2nd place get 50,000 coupons
and special rank Lord Crown, duration 5 days.

3rd place get 30,000 coupons
and special rank Lord Crown, duration 3 days.
- VJ who participate must have accumulated
over 6 hours of online time during event duration.
- VJ must capture screenshot or video during event
via App MLive and post on own Facebook as public
input message #Mlive and IDX and send link to
officer on fan page Mlive during event duration.
- VJ who participated in the event will be counted only
for the show and talk to the players. In the case
of lying in the empty room, show ceiling, black screen
or do something inappropriate in broadcast will be
eliminated to get rewards.
- VJ ranking only for VJ who signed contract 1 year.
- VJ who do not follow conditions will be
eliminated to get event rewards.
- User ranking who send gifts, we reserve
the right to let VJ who signed contract join the event.
- In case of equal gifts, will let VJ who receive
the first gift, user who send first
and be in higher ranking get rewards.
- Announcement of events and awards
within 5 working days after the event.
- Any activities within the closed server,
or any reasons that makes it impossible
to hold the line at the end of the event.
- We reserve the right to change event details
without prior notice.
- Participation and reward must be
under company conditions.
- Time based on time of service.
- The team's decision is considered final.
WinNine Pacific Pty Ltd Level 20, Zenith Center, 821 Pacific Hwy, Chatswood NSW 2067 Australia