Ranking VJs with the most receiving
" M Baby "




M Baby Ranking

MDoll Global Go Go!! SuperChamp!!
VJ who get the most MDoll gifts will receive
rewards follow conditions.
More sending, more getting accumulated bonuses.
Can check bonuses on page ranking of MDoll.
Event Duration
26 November 2019 (00.01) – 25 December 2019 (22.00) GMT+7

13,000 Coupons
Ranking Prize Money Special Ranking
1st place Prize money is from accumulated
bonuses champion MDoll
Star MASERATI 15 days
2nd place Star MASERATI 10 days
3rd – 5th places Star MASERATI 7 days
6th - 15th places -
Note: VJ who have the right to receive prize money must have minimum
amounts of MDoll more than 300 pieces during event duration.
Special bonus!! VJ with amounts
of MDoll in ranking 1-5

On 30 November / 7 December / 14 December /
21 December Time 22.00 GMT+7

will get accumulated bonuses.
1st place get 5,000 Baht
2nd place get 1,000 Baht
3rd place get 500 Baht
4th place get 300 Baht
5th place get 200 Baht

Remark: In case there's a change in VJ's Mdoll,
it will affect the event rank of that VJ

Reward User
for MDoll bonus champion

1st place get 120,000 coupons + Royal Crown 7 days
2nd place get 80,000 coupons + Royal Crown 5 days
3nd place get 50,000 coupons + Royal Crown 3 days
4rd -5th places get 30,000 coupons + Royal Crown 3 days

- VJ ranking reserves the right for Global live streamer only.
- User ranking is counted only players who send gifts to Global VJ only
- When a gift is sent from a VJ's ID or a given ID,
the system will not be included in the activity score.
- VJ / User who be in ranking every events will get special star.
MASERATI / special rank Royal Crown by duration will continuously count.
- VJ who have the right to receive prize money must have minimum
amounts of gifts as schedule within duration only.
- VJ who participated in the event will be counted only
for the show and talk to the players.
In the case of lying in the empty room, show ceiling,
black screen or do something inappropriate in broadcast
will be eliminated to get rewards.
- In case of equal gifts, will let VJ who receive the first gift,
user who send first and be in higher ranking get rewards.
- Announcement of events and awards
within 5 working days after the event.
- If there are any detail’s change,
team will be informing in advance.
- Participation and reward must be under company conditions.
- Time based on time of service.
- The team's decision is considered final.
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