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Ranking Accumulated Points "Round 3"

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International VJ who receives
the most scores from the received gifts
in accordance to the conditions,
will be rewarded.
Event Duration
February 5th, 2020 (00.01) – February 25th, 2020 (22.00) GMT+7

Rewards Conditions
VJ ranked no. 1 to no. 15
Receive cash reward from total points accumulated respectively.
1 Coupon = 1 Point.
VJ who has registered and has been approved by the staff.
Score counting, Count the scores from every gift that VJ has received.
VJ with the highest score ranked no. 1 to no. 5 of each week and with coupons accumulated 250,000 points or more, will receive a special bonus.
Top 5 VJs who have the highest scores of the week, will receive the special bonus rewards.
Special bonus rounds Dates
Round 1 February 5th, 2020 (00.01) – February 11th, 2020 (22.00)
Round 2 February 11th, 2020 (22.01) – February 18th, 2020 (22.00)
Round 3 February 18th, 2020 (22.01) – February 25th, 2020 (22.00)
The weekly bonus rewards are as follows.
1st place, Receive USD 90.00 or IDR 1,320,000
2nd place, Receive USD 30.00 or IDR 440,000
3rd place, Receive USD 15.00 or IDR 220,000
4th place, Receive USD 9.00 or IDR 132,000
5th place, Receive USD 6.00 or IDR 88,000
- International VJ in every rate can participate the event.
- Money rewards will be based on the currency of VJ’s country.
The staff will make a decision about this.
- The scores from the gifts that are sent by admin’s ID
or the specified ID, will not be included in the event scores.
- VJ Ranking, Only VJ who has registered and has been approved by the admin.
- VJ who participates the event, must host the program and talk with User.
VJ who sleeps, turns the camera to the empty room and the ceiling,
broadcasts with the black screen,
or acts inappropriately while hosting the program,
will be disqualified from the rewards.
- Announcement of results and awarding
within 5 working days after the end of event.
- For the changes about the event details,
the staff will notify the prior notice.
- Event participation and reward receiving
must be under the company conditions.
- Time’s mainly based on server.
- The staff’s decision is final.
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