Fast Pokdeng
Just simply leave FastPokdeng opening to get the bonus every day!!!
Event Details
1. VJ will earn coupon share for 5% of total profits throughout the game duration
e.g. within 1 day, VJ room that having the total profits from Fastpokdeng 100,000 coupons,
VJ will earn 5,000 coupons. If the total profits 1,000,000 coupons, VJ will earn 50,000 coupons.
2. Amount of profits will be counted
from 12.00 A.M. to 11.59 P.M. for each day,
VJ will be able to claim coupons after the end of that day

For inquiries and support LINE : @luckygames
or Facebook:@luckygamesmlive
** REMARK **
Be Banker button is not allowed to press. If press, VJ cannot earn bonus.

How to get more bonus coupons
1. Go to Mlive Website
2. Login with ID
3. Select “Dairy”
4. Choose “Bonus Fast Pokdeng”
5. Click “Claim Rewards”
(ฺBonus can claim everyday)

Smart Phone System Requirements
IOS -iPhone 6Plus
or Higher
- RAM 1GB or above
Android -CPU : Coretex A9 or above 1.5GHz dual-core
- Operating system version 4.3 or above
- RAM 1GB or above
Not Suggested Android Device - Vivo v5s
- Xiaomi poco F1
- oppo a3s
- oppo a83

For inquiries and support LINE : @luckygames
or Facebook:Lucky Game
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