User ranking with "The most jackpots"

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Event Duration
28 August 2018 (12.00 ) - 1 Sept 2018 ( 22.00 )
Event Details
1. Users must send gifts to Thai and Malaysian VJ in
order to get the most cumulative jackpot points will be awarded.
2. The cumulative jackpot points will be counted from jackpot gifts that users sent.
Send gift with 500 jackpots get 500 points
Send gift with 50 jackpots get 50 points
Send gift with 10 jackpots get 10 points

* Point criteria *
- How to count the jackpot gift points for VJ (Thai) + VJ (MY) E.g.
Users with Thai VJ jackpots 550 points + Users with MY VJ jackpots 60 points
Total for user is 610 points
- In case of jackpot times are equal, we grant VJ and user with the first jackpot previously,
have higher ranking.
- Users are able to get jackpot with all Thai and MY VJs.

Event Rewards
Users with the most collected hitting jackpot points.
1st placeget 200,000 coupons
and rank Lord Crowd for 10 days.
2nd place get 100,000 coupons
and rank Lord Lord Crowd for 5 days.
3rd place get 80,000 coupons
and rank Lord Lord Crowd for 3 days.
4th place get 50,000 coupons.
5th place get 30,000 coupons.

Total rewards cost 460,000 coupons.

- User who received event reward must have cumulative
jackpot 50 points or higher. In case of lower than specified,
the team disqualified the reward.
- User ranking with the jackpot, we reserve the right not to
allow the VJ signed to participate the event.
- In case of cumulative points are equal, we grant user with
the first jackpot previously, have higher ranking.
- The staff will check and send rewards within 5 business days after the event.
- We reserve the right to change event details without prior notice
- Any events are organized in server maintenance or for any reason
that cannot be online, the end of event will be held as it was.
- Time mainly based on server.
- The team's decision is considered final.

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