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Mlive Pick and Choose PR Game JXworld2
Event Duration
5 September 2018 time 18.00 – 19 September 2018 time 22.00 GMT+7
Event Details
VJ with the maximum total cumulative gift points JXWorld2
and Like&Share pictures in top 5 will get prize money
and being eligible to be game PR that can
participate game event and will get coupons in every
participation events.

- Participated VJ must be dressed Chinese
internal power suite theme that matches the game JXWorld2.

- Taking photo while dressing Chinese internal power suite theme
and post as public on own facebook with caption participation game
PR contest 剑侠世界2-剑侠情缘献礼新马版
including #剑侠世界2-剑侠情缘献礼新马版
#Mlive and send photo link to officer team via fan page Mlive.

- Point will be counted from 75% of gift points and 25%
of Like&Share pictures points.

- Players with the most total points in top 5 will be awarded.

Event Gift for JXWorld2 cost 20 coupons.

Event Rewards
VJ with the most points in top 5
will be awarded as follows.

1st place get 1000 RM.
2nd place get 500 RM.
3rd place get 300 RM.
4th -5th places get 150 RM.
And all 5 VJs will be eligible to be game PR JXWorld2
and will be invited to participate various game events
including will get compensation 200,000 coupons
each event participation.

User with the maximum amount
of sending gifts
will be awarded as follows.

1st place get 100,000 coupons.
2nd place get 70,000 coupons.
3rd -5th places get 50,000 coupons.

Total rewards cost 2100 RM
+ 320,000 coupons.

*Essential: Total amount of sending gifts whole
event duration must have beyond 100,000
will be cash awarded*
If do not REACH, VJs will be awarded as follows.
1st place get 500,000 coupons.
2nd place get 250,000 coupons.
3rd place get 100,000 coupons.
4th - 5th places get 50,000 coupons.

- We reserve the right to change the event details
without prior notice.
- VJ who participated event must have cumulative online
beyond 10 hours.
- Event participation and being awarded
must be under company conditions.
- The team's decision is final.
- We reserve the right to change VJ who will be PR to be next,
if winner cannot participate activities and events.
- Only for VJ who signed contract.
WinNine Pacific Pty Ltd Level 20, Zenith Center, 821 Pacific Hwy, Chatswood NSW 2067 Australia