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MLive Lock room system

Lock room is the special MLive system for exclusive live and exclusive users.

Lock room conditions
1. Require to be VJ with Sign symbol or Star level of users only.

2. During live, Lock Room icon will be displayed

Lock Room steps
1. During Live, the system will show LockRoom for you to press.

2. There are 3 types of Lock Room can be selected.

2.1 Lock by Gift only
- The viewers require paying by gift specified by VJ.
2.2 Lock by Gift and Password
- The viewers require paying either by gift or Password specified by VJ.
2.3 Lock by Coupon and Password
- The viewers require paying either by number of coupons or Password specified by VJ.
3. Once selected the desired type, press confirm to start live.

For those users who want to unlock Lock Room.

When the viewers press the lock room, the password box will be displayed / number of coupons or gifts to unlock.
In case of using coupons to unlock can instantly press Unlock button.
*For those users still not yet unlock the room, you cannot hear or see VJ, but still can chat with VJ.
**VJ receive 50% of coupons from the number of lock paying by users.
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